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janelle_walden's Journal

Janelle Walden Fans
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writing, fanfiction, unpublished works
This community is for the fans of romance/supernatural romance/science-fiction/fanfiction author Janelle Walden (Fear Vs. Love, The Heart's Home). In this community you will be updated of new additions to current writings & receive previews of future works. You may also post here to discuss her writing or ask questions about past or current works.

maintained by nocturna76

You can order either finished book, (Fear Vs. Love & The Heart's Home) at http://www.amazon.com by simply doing a search for "Janelle Walden"

I would be greatly appreciative of anyone who did order either or even better, both, & showed this starving artist some support. Thank you in advance!

Aside from seeing previews of future books here, you can also:
Janelle Walden
Read My Writing at WritersCafe.org

**to go directly to the beginning of my recent unfinished works, try the following links
** After the Dusk (which is technically Ravyn's Nights (book 6: 2012+), click here
**to go the very beginning of the series that After the Dusk is going to be: Ravyn's Nights (book one: 1583-1699), click here
**what's finished of book 4 (1900-1999) is here
**& book 5 (2000-2012) begins here
***New Eden (which is my first endeavor into sci-fi), begins here

-->to read the following chapters of any of the above, simply click "next entry"